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Our comfortable, cozy apartments mark the spot on the map where our guests will find the promise of relaxation and fun under Aruba’s golden sun!
17 May

Mangel Halto Beach

One of the most interesting places to spend time on One Happy Island is Mangel Halto Beach, located on Aruba’s southeastern coast in Post Chiquito, just south of the Spanish Lagoon. It features Magrove Trees whose extensive root systems that extend into the ocean’s waters make the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of tropical fish. The coral reef at this location offers what many feel is the best snorkeling site of the whole island. Its protected bay area and proximity to the Spanish Lagoon make it an excellent place for sea kayaking. And the beach itself is a lovely place to relax, swim, and sunbathe.
17 May

Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

Gold had long been rumored to be present on Aruba, which is how the island got its name. Legends said there was red gold or “oro ruba” that in turn morphed into “Aruba.” It wasn’t until 1824 that real gold was finally discovered, and that started a major gold rush on the island. This was one of the sites where gold was processed, and over the decades this fascinating historical site produced more than 3 million pounds of gold!
17 May

Natural Bridges

Although Aruba’s best-known natural bridge collapsed in 2005, there are several others that are all amazing in their own right, having been formed by millennia of ocean waters crashing against limestone cliffs along the island’s northern coast. Visit natural bridges in Seroe Colorado (towards Baby Beach), at Wariruri Beach, and near Black Stone Beach, which features a unique tripod bridge.
17 May

California Lighthouse

Near the northwestern tip of Aruba sits the majestic California Lighthouse, constructed in 1910 and named after the S.S. California, a British wooden steamer ship that was shipwrecked off the northwestern coast in 1891 after crossing the ocean all the way from Liverpool. The site is one of the best spots on the island for panoramic views of One Happy Island’s gorgeous sunsets, during which you might even glimpse the elusive “green flash” on the horizon.
17 May

Caves in Arikok National Park

Many people don’t realize that nearly 20% of One Happy Island is protected as Arikok National Park. Within the official park boundaries are three different caves to explore: Guadirikiri Cave with its two chambers and unique lighting from natural light entering through holes in its roof; Fontein Cave with its ancient Arawak Indian drawingss on the ceilings; and Huliba Cave or the Tunnel of Love as it’s known thanks to its heart-shaped entrance (bring a flashlight for this 300-foot long passageway).