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Six Aruba Sights Kids Will Love!

Be sure to visit these sites with the whole family!
Aruba sights kids will love
10 Oct

Six Aruba Sights Kids Will Love – Punto di Oro Apartments

If you’re coming to One Happy Island with the kids, you’ll want to know how to keep them (and you) happily entertained as a family while you’re here. You’ll also want to find the right place to stay, which is where Punto di Oro Apartments can help. But before we get into the details of why Punto di Oro is a great place to stay, here are six Aruba sights kids will love:

Butterfly Farm

Aruba sights kids will love

Any list of Aruba sights kids will love has to include the Butterfly Farm. Few things are more magical than seeing a grand collection of butterflies of all shapes, sizes and colors flitting about and fluttering by in one place. Even more magical is when you happen to see one emerging from its cocoon, which is something that occurs regularly at the Aruba Butterfly Farm. In fact, thanks to the experts who manage the farm, you’ll get to see the entire life cycle of these delightful creatures from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. Amazing!

De Palm Island

Aruba sights kids will love

If visiting Aruba sights kids will love is a priority for you, don’t miss De Palm Island. This private island located just off the coast near the Spanish Lagoon offers as much pure FUN as your family can handle! It’s an all-inclusive attraction and there are LOTS of things to do:

  • Unlimited banana boat rides
  • Snorkeling
  • Plenty of pocket beaches perfect for sun-bathing
  • An amazing waterpark with SIX water slides
  • A zipline that takes you right past the waterpark
  • Airjumpers where you can bounce as high as 22 feet into the air
  • Salsa dance lessons
  • Organized basketball, volleyball and beach soccer games
  • Human Foosball (you have to see it to believe it)
  • Lots of upgrades like Sea Trek (walk on the ocean floor), snuba, power snorkeling, hair braiding, massages, temporary airbrush tattoos and more!

Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

Aruba sights kids will love

Donkeys are not native to One Happy Island, but they’ve been here for more than 500 years, brought on ships by early explorers. The donkey served as the primary mode of transportation on the island until cars were invented! As the donkeys were no longer needed for work or transportation, people allowed them to become wild. But then in the 1970s an illness spread like wildfire, killing off all but 20 wild donkeys on the island. Slowly the population began to recover, but even donkeys need some help along the way, which is why the non-profit Donkey Sanctuary was founded in 1997. There is no admission fee, but any donation you’d like to make to help the donkeys is always appreciated. They’re sweet, funny and yes, stubborn creatures that love to eat carrots and apples. You might even catch them playing a little donkey football with coconuts! The Donkey Sanctuary has to be on any list of Aruba sights kids will love.

Aruba Ostrich Farm

Aruba sights kids will love

Like donkeys, ostriches are not native to the island. Their natural habitat is in Africa, but the rugged and rocky desert landscapes of Aruba suit them just fine as well. And make no mistake, ostriches are fascinating creatures. They’re the largest living species of bird, and although they can’t fly, they can sprint up to 43 miles per hour! In addition to the 80 ostriches, the farm also has a number of emus, a close flightless cousin of the ostrich that comes from Australia. Keep in mind this is an ostrich farm, and there is an on-site restaurant that includes a few ostrich meat dishes.

3 Caves in Arikok National Park

Aruba sights kids will love

Among the Aruba sights kids will love are three different caves in Arikok National Park you won’t want to miss. There’s something mysterious and even just a little bit scary about caves that really spark the imagination and curiosity of kids. Guadirikiri Cave has two chambers that extend back about 100 feet – and there are harmless bats in the darkest areas that might give you a bit of a startle. Fontein Cave is a popular one to explore because it has drawings by the Arawak Indians that date back around 1,000 years. Huliba Cave is often called the Tunnel of Love because it’s a 300-foot long passageway whose opening looks like a heart. Bring a flashlight for exploring this one!

Philip’s Animal Garden

Aruba sights kids will love

The last of our six Aruba sights kids will love is Philip’s Animal Garden. Philip Merryweather has always had a passion for exotic animals, which turned into helping those that have been abused, abandoned or otherwise injured. He provides them with shelter and rehabilitation, and his collection of more than 50 species has become the closest thing to a zoo that you’ll find on One Happy Island. You and the kids will get see, touch and even feed some pretty amazing animals.

Comfortable Lodging for Your Stay on One Happy Island

Aruba sights kids will love

If your family decides to come to One Happy Island to see these six Aruba sights kids will love, you’ll want to stay in a place that serves the needs of a family, which is exactly what you’ll find at Punto di Oro. Our small complex of apartments includes one-bedroom, one-bedroom deluxe, and two-bedroom units, each with an additional sofa-bed for extra guests (maximum of 4 guests in a one-bedroom or 6 guests in a two-bedroom). Our apartments have fully-equipped kitchens, which means you don’t have wrangle the kids up and out to find a restaurant for every single meal – you can eat in whenever you feel like it. Enjoy these other amenities as well:

  • Each apartment has front and back patios/balconies.
  • Outdoor BBQ area and covered lounge.
  • A great pool when you don’t feel like going to the beach.
  • Free WiFi throughout the property.
  • Daily housekeeping.
  • Laundry facilities.
  • Free guest parking with 24-hour security.
  • Concierge service (advice and help with reservations and activities).

Now that you’ve found six Aruba sights your kids will love and a great place to stay, you can start planning your family trip to One Happy Island! Visit us online for more information about rates and reservations at Punto di Oro Apartments and be sure to check out our Special Deal page for great offers!