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5 Oct

Visit Aruba to Experience Unforgettable Carnival Season

Aruba is famous for its beautiful beaches, sunny weather, and friendly atmosphere that truly make it One Happy Island. While there’s no doubt all of these things are true, some visitors aren’t aware of the island’s rich culture on top of it all. When it comes to celebrating the greatness that is Aruba, there’s no better representation of our beautiful home than Carnival Season.

Are you looking to get covered in glitter, bounce around to some eclectic musical samplings, and enjoy the rich culture of Aruba? Then Aruba Carnival season is for you!

What To Expect From Carnival Season

The Carnival season is a 2-month long celebration of Aruba’s diverse culture. A unique blend of English Caribbean, Latin, Dutch, and other nationalities form a melting pot of traditions that all come together to create unforgettable experiences for locals and visitors alike. The island practically becomes one big party – and you’re invited.

During the season there is something new and exciting going on every day, including parades with floats, costumed dancers and celebrators, live and recorded music playing through the streets, glitter flying everywhere, and more.

Here are some fun events to look forward to!

Torch Parade

Signaling the opening of the Carnival, Aruba’s Torch Parade is an event where celebrators wear customized t-shirts and walk around with torches – hence the Torch Parade – through the streets for hours at night. The neon torches create a colorful display that gives onlookers just a taste of the colors and creativity that is yet to come at later events.

Jouvert Morning and Pajama Party

For the early bird comes is the Jouvert Morning & Pajama Party, where partiers arrive bright and early at 4AM to celebrate in their decorated casualwear and pajamas, welcoming the sunrise with music, dancing, and early morning fun.

Grand Lighting Parade

Carnival is all about shining bright, and during the Grand Lighting Parade, guests light up the entire island with bright and colorful outfits. These costumes often contain lights that shine brightly in the darkness of night, creating a unique scene while everyone dances around as their own light show.

Grand Parade in Oranjestad

The last major celebration of the Carnival, this huge parade through the streets of Aruba’s capital signals the end, but it doesn’t go out without a bang. The craziest costumes, the brightest lights, the loudest music, and the most fun happens at the Grand Parade in Oranjestad.

After the parade, the Burning of King Momo – the patron saint of Carnivals – marks the end of celebrations with a large wood and paper mâché effigy burning where partygoers send off the celebration until next year.

Don’t Miss a Thing with Punto di Oro Accommodations

During a non-stop party throughout the island, it can be hard to get where you want to be unless you’re right in the thick of things.

With Punto di Oro’s apartments for rent in Aruba, you’ll be able to enjoy the Carnival celebrations practically right outside your door. Conveniently located between Oranjestad – the heart of the celebrations and Palm Beach, you’ll find that there’s no better way to make sure you get a taste of everything that the Aruba Carnival has to offer.

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